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Introducing: Scan2CAD Automate – A Powerful API for CAD File Conversion

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Today, we are very excited to announce the formal release of ‘Scan2CAD Automate‘.

Scan2CAD Automate offers gives you the power to automate any feature of Scan2CAD with a simple, extendable Python API. We’re excited about how this new feature can bring Scan2CAD’s market-leading CAD conversion results to new companies and markets.

Example use-cases

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Scan2CAD Automate is used in conjunction with the Scan2CAD app (available for macOS and Windows.) With a simple command, you can execute the app to run through whichever automation processes you wish. Due to the simplicity and accessibility of the API, the integration of this new feature within companies is extremely pain-free.

How can Scan2CAD Automate improve your workflow? With this flexible API, the possibilities are endless but a few simple examples would be:

  • Batch-convert thousands of technical drawings to DXF/DWG in a single click
  • Integrate Scan2CAD with your solution offering market-leading conversions to your users.
  • Automate repetitive tasks for a manufacturing process-line, converting files to CAM/CNC format, reducing countless manhours.

The possibilities are only limited by your imagination.

Used by the world’s leading companies

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For the past 20+ years, Scan2CAD has been trusted by the world’s leading design and engineering companies.

Although we are announcing the official release of Scan2CAD Automate today, the feature has been available to users for some months. Over that time, we are pleased to see Scan2CAD Automate being adopted by Engineering and design companies large and small. From micro-sized manufacturing companies using Scan2CAD Automate to increase the efficiency of their production line-process to global engineering firms integrating Scan2CAD Automate into their solutions to offer conversion abilities to their users.

As usual, we continue to regularly release updates that will improve our automation offering as we continue to learn how our users are utilizing this feature.

Scan2CAD Automate is available on the Scan2CAD Business tier. If you have any questions about how Scan2CAD Automate can help you, reach out to Scan2CAD support and we’ll be happy to help.


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